Install support is bundled with CM2600 & CM2700CM2500 is sold without support. A client can purchase support by incident or annually at

Before attempting to do anything in one of these databases, back the database up to the flash drive the program is sold with. If you are unsure how using the change ownership area is, or are looking to add another section to the grave layout area; make a backup of the database so you have something to go back to just in case.

As entering the GSS information can be daunting, there is a page on this site dedicated to GSS. It is always best to use the automated screen even when adding a single Lot. 1) to add a single Lot with X number of graves, enter that Lot number in both the from and to boxes. The program will always prompt you that information already exists for any given section. It is a gentle reminder that information is already present.

Most support is done by e-mail. It is easy to forget what the solution might be to a situation when there are several areas that need clarification. By e-mail all of your concerns can be addressed and you will have a copy of the response for future reference.

The grave layout must be entered before doing anything else with these programs. After the layout has been entered check or remove the checks from perpetual and continual care. 

It is best to enter all owners (alive and deceased) before having an owner purchase a grave site. Owner records are saved when a new record is started or the owner screen is closed. After all owners are entered, purchase grave sites. The Owner index is placed into the plot purchased table along with the index of the grave site, purchase price, date and any perpetual care.

Next enter all deceased, checking to be sure to include if it was a full burial or cremation. Last is to enter the reserved grave sites for living relatives of living owners.


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