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From version 2.3 to our present releases all Cemetery Management programs run using an Access JET database engine. 

Users with programs on XP that want to upgrade to a newer release database engine can choose Access 2007.

Users upgrading to Windows 8.x will also need to upgrade to Access 2007.

For users with XP, Vista & Windows 8.x - Access 2007


Download sized 56.2 MB

Opening your database after installing Access 2007

Your link (lnk) on the desktop or in a location off the start menu has a properties box that identifies how the database opens. You reach this properties box by right-clicking on the link and scrolling down to the properties menu item. Once opened you will need to change the first part of the link.

The link has two parts; first part in parentheses is the location and name of the previous runtime program. The second half of the link, separated by a space and also in parentheses, is the location and name of the cemetery database file.

First you need to locate the path and name of the runtime program you install from here. Every path is different in Vista and Windows 7. The difference is the name of the user. Open explorer and find the program. In the address bar of explorer is the path to the runtime program. Highlight this path and copy it to the clipboard. In the link for the cemetery file, paste this path over the path to the previous runtime program. You can edit the name of the new runtime program from what you had if they are different (the name probably remained the same).

Close the link box and see if it functions. If it doesn’t a space or parentheses is probably missing.

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