About Us

CSR Consultants, LLC provides quality Software Development and Networking Services since our founding in 1986. It is our mission to provide our clients with the best possible product or service at a price equal or below current market rates. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to stay informed from our clients and from the constantly changing computer information market.

Company Officers

Glenn Daniels has served as CSR Consultants, LLC. CEO since 1986. Mr Daniels worked for Honeywell and Control Data in microprocessor based control systems. His innovative approaches to resolving complicated system errors won him numerous awards. Mr Daniels left Control Data to form ‘Computers and Software Resources, the parent company to CSR Consultants, LLC. As microprocessor networking began entering small to mid-sized companies, Mr Daniels incorporated mainframe technology into this new market. When clients requested programs that previously were only available to mainframe systems, CSR Consultants, LLC was formed. Today CSR continues this with each new program offered.

Chuck Dvorak has served as CSR Consultants, LLC. VP of Media since 2003. Mr Dvorak is the President of UniHydro, Inc, Uh-Media, Inc, Chuck Dvorak & Associates and Multi-Media, Inc. Chuck Dvorak received his first metal working patent in 1986 and continues today with metal workers “A Cut Above The Rest”. Mr. Dvorak brings years of entrepreneurial experience to the continued growth of CSR.


CM2600 Cemetery Management application was developed for small to mid-sized cemeteries. Integrated within all CM2600 products are automation and features not found in competitor products

CM2600 costs less than competitor products with the easiest, most user friendly interface on the market.


1992 - 2002 Platinum Edition of Who’s Who for outstanding technical achievement - Glenn Daniels

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